Production and Operational Excellence

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Our support for your Production and Operational Excellence projects

Constantly concentrating a business on client requirements as well as quickly reacting to changes represent surefire ways to future success. This needs, in addition to rigorous knowledge, a company culture that encourages and fosters change. In line with it, the company´s success depends not only on the product offering, but also on the provisioning and execution of services.

With our help, you can align your organization as well as your resources and infrastructures whilst (re)discovering your key value drivers, optimize your added value, and create a change culture that will last.

TÜV Rheinland accompanies you throughout this journey thanks to its portfolio of services that includes:

  • Production optimization: We determine the critical characteristics and key success factors of your production, and we develop highly customized solutions utilizing lean management principles to achieve optimum efficiency.
  • Process optimization: We examine your processes, find potential for change, and execute it sustainably drawing on our cross-industry and industry-specific knowledge. From process optimization to fundamental business process transformation, we are here to help you.
  • Value stream optimization: We work together to promote transparency in your company´s information flow to eliminate actions that do not bring value. By concentrating on the process stages that provide customer value, you may optimize your cost structure and raise your profitability over time.
  • Organization optimization: We define the most effective organizational and management structure for your firm in cooperation with you. We create specific goals and determine the necessary modification measures to maximize your company’s potential.
  • Continuous improvement: We assist you in developing a continuous improvement plan in order to obtain increases in process performance and efficiency. With us, you can ensure your company´s success by fostering a change-focused culture.
  • Efficient use of data: Determine ways to enhance your operations by using data. We examine how you can make the most of your data together, specify the organizational, IT infrastructure, and people measures that are required, and provide ongoing assistance during implementation.
  • Digital management: With our help, you can identify your digital lean management opportunities and improve your company’s openness and responsiveness. We assist you in all aspects of bringing your lean management into the digital realm, from analysis to conceptual design and execution.
  • Digital twin: Digital optimization translates into real-world output. With us, you may virtualize your production and profit from data-driven manufacturing process improvement. Our professionals collaborate with you to bridge the gap between Operational Technology (OT) and IT and virtualize your production. From concept to implementation, we’ll be there for you.

Our Digital Portfolio: end-to-end support for your digitalization projects

Internet Of Things (IoT) Consulting

Due to the increasing demand for smart devices and smart solutions, the IoT has evolved to support new areas. We are your reliable partner with the expertise necessary to keep up with the rapid development and evolving complexity of IoT projects.

Data Analytics

We offer you a range of practical smart data services and smart data solutions that combine traditional methods with artificial intelligence to support you in optimizing your processes and procedures.

Production and Operational Excellence

With our help, you can align your organization as well as your resources and infrastructures whilst (re)discovering your key value drivers, optimize your added value, and create a change culture that will last.

5G Campus Network

We offer 5G campus network consulting along the entire value chain: from application consideration and needs analysis in the first step to implementation planning, actual implementation and commissioning, and qualitative acceptance of the network in a final step.

DIM Platform

With our self-developed platform for digital infrastructure management (DIM), operators of critical infrastructures receive optimal object recognition supported by artificial intelligence (AI) for reliable inventory, documentation and maintenance of critical infrastructure components.

Smart City

We support both government officials and their business partners in converting traditional city processes and structures to connected smart system networks. Our experts offer comprehensive services designed to tackle any challenge.